Sterling silver jewelry bonded with 14K gold

About company

BIGSUN is an importatn part of your personality. Our unique jewelry will make you irresitable early morning and late night. Each jewelry masterpiece from BIGSUN embraces high quality and meets fashion trends. BIGSUN is a brand name with 10 years of experiece. Our everyday is enriched with inspiration, creativity and search for eternal beauty.


The BIGSUN Jewelry Company was established in 2006. Production was placed in the very heart of Ukraine – Bila Tserkva town. Jewelry plant is equipped with professional tools and machinery allowing manufacture of high quality products.

Men collection

Jewelry for men became an integral part of their business image, just like any other accessory. They characterized by calm geometry, minimalism and insets made of dark stones. BIGSUN offers a wide range of jewelry for men, which include rings, cuff-links, tie slides made of silver with gold, enamel, engraving and stone insets.

Women collection

Elegancy and luxury, emphasis on details, use of bright stones and pearls, SWAROVSKI sparkling zirconium – all these details characterize BIGSUN women collection. Its jewelry include rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces. Each beauty lover can always find stunning things corresponding to her temper and taste among BIGSUN goods.

Collection of 2016

A new BIGSUN collection is distinguished by the last tendencies of the world jewelry fashion. Its are classical and innovative, tiny and three-dimensional, azure-transparent and bright. A new line of jewelry presents droplike earrings with pearls, hoop earrings of chain weave, elegant pendants and magnificent bracelets. New arrivals of BIGSUN will help you always be in the highlight!

Wedding rings

Wedding rings – are a symbol of eternal love and loyalty. BIGSUN presents two subject collections of rings – for engagement and wedding. Each couple can choose perfect rings based on own preference – from classical and elegant to more catchy and luxurious with various insets and decorative components.


Pendant – is an opportunity to complement your image in a special way. Made of high-quality silver, decorated with gold, with amazing pearl, phianite and stone insets, pendant will suit any beauty lover and emphasize her personality. There are various shapes – from small droplike pendants, horseshoes, hearts to catchy and big disk-shaped pendants, shaped twirls and others, which often have a special sense for their owners.


Following the current fashion, BIGSUN specialists released a jewelry line with cabochon – a stone smooth bumpy polished surface without edges. Jewelers give stones such shape to make them more impressive. The line presents earrings and rings, which can be made of different stones in a wide colour scale, satisfying tastes of even the most demanding buyers.

5 reasons to order from us

  • 1

    On-site service by our mobile, highly qualified territorial managers.

  • 2

    Authorized dealer’s certificate enables to consider running joint promotional and marketing events in order to stimulate sales.

  • 3

    An opportunity to change and return goods within 10% of the order amount.

  • 4

    Monthly line expansion with original and unique new arrivals from our designers.

  • 5

    Provision of trouble-free prompt guarantee and post-guarantee maintenance.

You can see for yourself, look through the catalog and comparing our products with the products of other jewelry companies